Utagawa Kunisada (Toyokuni III)

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Series List - Introduction

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This is a list of Kunisada´s print series known to me.  The list isn´t complete. 

The list is sorted by date.
Most often the series before 1852 are not exactly dateable. The years given by the different authors are not identical. I decided to take a certain date. Most often all years before 1852 are not exact dates, they only can give a range.
Some series were produced over years, therefore I give two dates. For example 1851-1852.
When the prints were produced not only by Kunisada I give the names of the other known artists.
The references are noted by a L with number and page if it´s a book and and N with number and finding date if it´s an internet site.
The titles are given in English, if known also in Japanese.

For updates I have a row "new" which helps better finding new data: "new" = new series, "cha" = changed or updated data, "up", new prints or informations added.

"g" means genre/subject:
b = Bijin
c = Chushingura
f = actor portrait figur
g = Genji

h = half-length actor portrait
k = Kabuki
s = Sumo
o = others
"sh" means sheet:
s = singel sheet
d = Diptych
t = Triptych
f = Fan print

"c" means circa date. "e" means exact date.

"pri" gives the size of the series. "fil" is the number of prints in the catalouge.

"#" is the number of the catalouge helping to identify the series.

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Kunisada series of the 10`s


72 71

Kunisada series of the 20`s


155 156

Kunisada series of the 30`s


180 179

Kunisada series of the 40`s


244 243

Kunisada series of the 50`s


277 278

to Kunisada series/prints 1852


45 46

Kunisada series of the 60`s


168 167

total series



Utagawa Kunisada (Toyokuni III) Series List - Introduction