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Most people even scholars believe that Kunisada didnīt design any landscape prints and if a landscape appears on his prints the idea for this has been taken from a Hiroshige design.
The truth is that Kunisada designed hundreds of wonderful landscapes out of his own ideas but mostly as background for his bijin, Genji or Chushingura prints. Also a lot of his later half-length actor prints show a very nice landscape and even in some kabuki prints an impressive landscape background can be seen.
These prints are not shown here.
On this site youīll find only prints where the landscape or townscene is the main object (with one exception). All prints have been designed before 1835 (also with one exception). Some prints are quite early Kunisada prints designed in the 1820īs some ten years ago before Hiroshige started his career as a landscape designer with his series "Tokaido Gojusan-tsugi no uchi" (1833-34) and they show clearly that Kunisada is also a master of landscape print design.

For some prints I do have only very bad files. Sorry but for this case the bad files are better than nothing.

If you have matching informations and files or better files please let me know and send them to: horstgraebner@kunisada.de

For some more landscapes see: Musha-e - battle scenes



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